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Couples love the Mermaid sex position – it helps to hit her G-spot

DETERMINED to make your love life more exciting? The Mermaid sex position can increase her chances of reaching orgasm by stimulating the G-spot.

Mum reveals she bonks her husband EVERY day in kinky diary about their sex life

A WOMAN penned candid diary entries about her sex life. The mum-of-two said she bonks her partner every day – even if she isn’t in the mood.

Top sex fantasy revealed as shower romps with threesomes close second

BRITS have revealed their sex fantasies with romping in the shower in the top spot.

Women are climaxing 30% LESS than men because of the ‘orgasm gap’

EXPERTS believe pornography and cultural ignorance to the clitoris are key culprits in stopping straight women from getting theirs as much as men.

Women reveal two words that leave them feeling weak at the knees

LOOKING for dirty talk phrases to make your partner ‘melt’? According to Twitter users, saying these two words will leave your lover weak at the knees.

Man’s sex life ‘boosted’ by snorting pee every day: ‘You feel like Superman’

A YOGA master claims snorting his own pee has made him better in bed.

Men reveal female habits that are actually MAJOR turn offs

REDDIT users spoke about their turn offs in the Ask Men thread. A question asked – what is something women think men find hot but it’s actually a turn-off?

What Brits are most likely to lie about during sex – it’ll surprise you

MANY couples find it difficult to discuss their sexual preferences. A recent survey revealed the topics men and women are most likely to lie about.

This is the wedding venue most men would choose to get married in

A survey has revealed British mens top choice for a wedding venue.

Women reveal five things they HATE to experience during sex

EVER wondered what turns women off in the bedroom? A Daily Star Online poll shed light on men’s irritating habits during sex.