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World’s first gyrating vibrator hailed for being ‘super-powerful sex machine’

A new toy which has been dubbed as a "super-powerful sex machine" is going down a treat. It is the world’s first gyrating vibrator and it promises a world of sensations

Barmaid says she ‘doesn’t feel guilty’ about lockdown affair with married man

Helen, 34, met her married businessman lover in January and they have carried on their affair since the UK lockdown restrictions were imposed in March

How penis stretching can help ‘lengthen’ your penis – and how to stretch safely

Have you ever wondered if there is a natural way to lengthen the penis? Some claim penis stretching is the answer you’ve been looking for

Sexy OnlyFans stars give advice to new models signing up during lockdown

OnlyFan’s veterans Tommy Rose and Paige gave their advice to the newbies joining the site to make money during lockdown

Erotic sex position guarantees dual stimulation which promises serious pleasure

Are you looking to spice it up a notch tonight? Here’s a sex position which promises stimulation in a number of areas – and it’s the perfect move for lazy bonking

Ann Summers predicts kinkiest future sex trends – and they might surprise you

ANN SUMMERS has revealed the sauciest sex trends we all can look forward to this summer.

Why Love Island couples are likely to have sex on telly

LOVE Island star come into the show and say they aren’t going to have sex. Here’s why many couples break this promise.

Britain’s top sexual fantasy revealed – and it’s a spanking one

AN EYE-OPENING survey lifted the lid on Britain’s sexual preferences. Apparently, this is the most popular sexual fantasy in the UK.

Eagle sex position: How to master the move everyone is talking about on Love Island

LOVE Island 2019 is already proving to be quite a saucy series, here’s how to master the Eagle sex position everyone has been talking about.

Smoking pot before sex can make your orgasms even more intense

COULD cannabis make your sex life even better? Apparently, smoking weed before getting jiggy could give you stronger and more frequent orgasms.