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The top two sex LIES told by men and women revealed in new survey

THERE’S some serious fibbing going on between the sheets it seems.

The female orgasm could have this surprising benefit, scientists reveal

SCIENTISTS have been trying to establish why women orgasm. Some believe there’s another benefit to climaxing other than for pleasure.

Britain’s top sexual fantasy revealed – it’ll surprise you

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Sex party confessions: Fetish expert reveals ALL about Britain’s kinky nightclubs

EVER considered attending a sex party or kinky nightclub? Here, a fetish expert reveals what you can expect if you rock up at the naughty events.

Poundland launches Bonkin Bunny vibrator – and it’s MUCH cheaper than Ann Summers’ version

POUNDLAND has added a new item to its Nooky line. The store has released a Bonkin Bunny vibrator, which is a dupe of Ann Summers’ Rampant Rabbit.

Couples love The Pusher sex position – it helps to hit her G-spot

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Men reveal the four words they LOVE hearing during sex

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Couples love the Big Bend sex position – it promises even BETTER orgasms

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